The official Britney Pierce website

I’ve started to keep track of some of the questions that fans have asked me so that I can answer them for you here on my frequently asked questions page. If you want to ask me a question just click the ASK ME link from the main menu.

Can I meet you in person?

No, I am no longer doing any public appearances as Britney Pierce.  I’m enjoying some time off from my adult career.  If I do any club appearances in the future I will post them on this site so be sure and join my official newsletter to be the first to find out.

Are you married?

Are you kidding me?  No way!  I am not married.  I’m still way to young to even think about something that totally serious.

Heard you on the Bubba The Love Sponge show on a Date a Porn Star skit.  How did that go?

It was a ton of fun.  At first I was super nervous because I knew there was a chance I would have to go on a date with a guy that I wasn’t exactly attracted to.  Luckily that wasn’t the case.

When the winner was picked it turned out to be a guy we liked.  Afterwards we went to the bar, had a few drinks & ate some sushi, then Allee, Carson & I went back to the hotel, and Emily Rigby was waiting for us there with her camera.  Carson was the winner, he was #4 I think.

We were kind of excited because Carson is actually attractive & he told us he has a large cock.  🙂  We wanted to find out for ourselves just how big his cock really was so we did a double blow job on him and it was true.  His dick really was pretty big.  But when we go to slip the condom on him he lost his hard on and no matter how hard we tried it wasn’t going back up.   So Allee and I fun on our own before the day ended!  I felt really bad for the guy but to be honest, it’s not easy having sex on camera so I kind of understand.

Is it true you changed your hair color from blonde to brown?

Well yes and no.  Yes right now I am a brunette but not to worry I won’t be staying brunette forever. I know my fans love my most as a blonde and I promise by the time i do my next Britney Pierce movie I’ll be back to blonde!

Why did your website change?

I was working with someone else and they messed it up.  So anyway, this is my website now – the only official website for me, Britney Pierce.  If you see any other site, it is not mine.  This is my only official site.

Do you prefer cats or dogs?

I love them both, I really do.  But I guess if I had to choose I guess I would pick dogs.  They are just so much more affectionate.